Friday, September 2, 2011

part IV.cathedral along the time.

the cathedral its a mix of many periods, we can find parts from the gothic periodod,renaissance,baroque period and the neoclasicims.
the front of the basilica has parts of the baroque periods, like the towers.

part III.cathedral

many people went to santiago to see the apostle, so decided to do a big church.this church its from the romanic the picture we can see the ground of the church.

part II, church of Alfonso II and Alfonso III, also corticela church

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picture 3-ancient church of Alfonso was small,only for the pilgrins that went to see the acca marmorica.only one nave
picure 2-second church, this has 3 of Alfonso III
picure 1-another church from this periodo its corticela()picure from the ground of the church