Tuesday, August 30, 2011

part.I.the discover

many time ago, jesus said to apostles that they have to carry his words along the world.
Some people said that they did it,and when they died they were buried in the last place that they visited.
After that all european countries wanted a apostle.
People from spain said that santiago was here.
In the Breviarum apostolicum,we can find some information about that.it said that he was buried in an acca marmorica. After Beato de Liebana said somthing similar,the apostle rest in a place called arca marmorica,that place its in Gallaecia!!
Then a men saw some lights,they went to see and he found the acca marmarica!!!
(second part:first "church”) !

santiago along the time

hey!i´m going to write thinks about the birth of the city,at first iĺl talk about apostle,then about other interesting things that you can see if you came to santiago.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

reperkusion 2011

nice festival of music with many bands .also a small juggling convention. days-16,17 and 18 of september. place-allariz(ourense),from santiago you can get a bus at the bus station to ourense,or a train.when you arrive to ourense you mudt go to the bus station(in front of train station) and get a bus to allariz. acommodation-camping o of allariz 8 eu. The 3 days. info-www.reperkusion.com. see you there (:

new pictures soon

sorry for not uploaded any pictures or things but i was sick during the summer.